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Moss Motors Style Guide

Along with our quality products and services, our brand is our most valuable asset. This style guide establishes the rules and guidelines to maintain a consistent identity system to be used throughout all marketing. A well managed visual identity is an important part of strengthening Moss Motors as a brand and will help reach the broader goals of strengthening our reputation and prominence. It also helps our audience to easily identify Moss Motors and feel confident in their decision to purchase from us. This style guide has been carefully crafted to ensure we are properly and authentically representing Moss Motors through all of our collateral to promote brand continuity. Through use of examples, this guide lays the groundwork for future design work for Moss Motors so that all marketing maintains a consistent aesthetic.

Moss Miata Logo

The Moss Miata logo incorporates the Moss Block as its focal element, with the addition of Moss Miata branding. There are vertical and horizontal versions of the logo, as shown in "Logo Variations" below, for different display purposes.


This logotype was created using a custom typeface. It has been converted to outlines, so you do not need this font for reproduction.

Logo Sizing & Ratio

When adjusting the size of the logo, make sure it is sized proportionally.

Clear Space

Clear space maintains the Moss Block’s integrity. If the minimum clear space is not applied, the logo’s impact is compromised. The clear space is determined by the width of the “M” in the Moss Block. Do not allow any graphic elements, such as copy, images, or background patterns, to infringe upon this area.

Minimum Acceptable Size

The Moss Block must always be legible and appear crisp in print, with sharp edges and a high resolution. It is important to consider the limitations of various media when sizing the Moss Block. The minimum acceptable size is 0.5 inches, 3 picas, or 12.7 millimeters in height.

Logo Integrity

In order to preserve consistency with our identity, never attempt to recreate or change the logo.

The proportions and position of the block to the logotype should never be altered. Do not skew, stretch, rotate, or violate clear space.

Logo Variations

Depending on the use case, we have some acceptable variations of the Moss Miata logo. Horizontal and vertical versions shown.

Moss Miata 4C

CMYK 100 70 0 15 [Moss Blue]

(RGB #004E95)

CMYK 0 0 0 100 [Black]

(RGB #000000)

CMYK 0 0 0 0 [Paper]


This is the primary Moss Miata logo to be used in most applications.

Moss Miata Black

CMYK 0 0 0 100 [Black]

CMYK 0 0 0 0 [Paper]

This variation of the Moss Miata logo is all black, for monotone print applications. 

Moss Miata White

CMYK 100 70 0 15 [Moss Blue]

CMYK 0 0 0 100 [Black]

CMYK 0 0 0 0 [White]

This Moss Miata logo is used on dark backgrounds.

Web Colors (RGB)

These are the primary and secondary RGB colors used as part of the Moss Miata branding and website.








Good Status


Bad Status

Print Colors (CMYK)

These are the main CMYK colors used for Moss Miata printed materials.

100 70 0 15

Moss Blue

0 0 0 100



These are the primary and secondary fonts used for Moss Miata, for web and print applications.


Primary font for online use. This includes the website and all email communications. A simple, clean font which comes in a limited variety of weights.


Primary font for print use, as well as online promotional graphics. Based on lettering found around New York, Gotham is a modern and urban font, making it perfect for Moss Miata’s edgy and fun design. Comes in many weights, as well as a condensed version.