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Order processing and Shipments are delayed until July 22nd. Please visit the Company Status page for details.

Order processing and Shipments are delayed until July 22nd. Please visit the Company Status page for details.

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Vin Plate On front turrent
Vehicle Number Location Adjacent to the left hand door striker plate.
Body Number Location On a plate fixed to the center of the upper horizontal radiator support.
Engine Number Location On the cylinder block between the carburetors.
Gearbox Number Location Upper right hand side of the gearbox casing
Rear Axle Number Location Bottom flange of the axle housing.
Engine Firing Order 1-3-4-2 (#1 is closest to the radiator)
Valve Rocker Clearance Inlet 0.008 in. (0.2 mm), Exhaust 0.018 (0.457mm)
Idle Speed 800 RPM +/- 100 RPM
Fast Idle Speed (engine hot) 1500 to 1700 RPM
Static Ignition Timing 10 degrees BTDC
Dynamic Ignition Timing (1975) 10 degrees BTDC @ 800 RPM, (1976-1980) 2 degrees ATDC @ 800 RPM
Timing Mark Location Located on the crankshaft pulley
Distributor Make/Type Delco Remy Series D302, Lucas 47DE4 Opus electronic
Contact Breaker (points) Gap Delco - Points gap 0.014-0.016 in. (0.34-0.41 mm), Lucas - Pick-up air gap 0.014-0.016 in. (0.34-0.4
Rotation of Rotor Anti-Clockwise
Dwell Angle 39 degrees
Ignition Coil Make/Type AC Delco coil, Lucas 15C6 coil
Primary Resistance 1.3 -1.5 ohms
Spark Plug Make/Type (Early models) Champion N-11Y, (Late models) Champion N-12Y
Spark Plug Gap 0.025 in. (0.64 mm)
Carburetor Make/Type (1975-1976 California) Dual Zenith Stromberg 175CD-4TV, (1975-1976 Federal) Dual Zenith Stromberg 175CD-SEVX, (1977) Dual Zenith Stromberg 175CD-FEVX, (1978-1979) Dual Zenith Stromberg 175CD-FVX, (1980-1981) Bosch electronic fuel injection
Carburetor Main Jet  
Carburetor Main Jet Needle (1975-1976) 45C, (1977-1979 Federal) B1DH, (1977-1979 California) B1EP, (1980) B1EP
Carburetor Piston Spring Zenith B18277 in Red (Moss Motors part # 365-780)
Length 164.3 in.(4173 mm)
Width 66.2in. (1681 mm)
Height 49.9 in. (1268 mm)
Ground Clearance 3.5-4.5 in. (90-114 mm) depending on mode land loading
Track Front 55.5 in. (1409 mm)
Track Rear 55.3 in. (1404 mm)
Wheelbase 85 in. (2160 mm)
Turning Circle 31.5 feet (9.5 m)
Toe-In 0-1/16 in. (0-1.6 mm)
Unladen Weight 4-Speed 2158 lbs. (979 kgs.), 5-speed 2264 lbs. (1027 kgs.)
Curb Weight 4-Speed 2249 lbs. (1020 kgs.), 5-speed 2355 lbs. (1068 kgs.)
Gross Weight 4-Speed 2820 lbs. (1279 kgs.), 5-speed 2906 lbs. (1318 kgs.)
Original Tire Size 175/70 HR 13
Original Tire Pressure Front (Cold) 24 lb./in. square (1.68 kg/square cm)
Original Tire Pressure Rear (Cold) 28 lb./in. square (1.96 kg/square cm)
Replacement Tire Size 175/70 HR -13
Engine Type (Early model) SOHC, 4-cyl, inclined 40 degrees to vertical. (Late model) SOHC, 4-cyl, inclined 45 degrees to vertical.
Engine Displacement 122 cc)
Compresssion Ratio 8.0:1
Engine Bore 3.56 in. (90.3 mm)
Engine Stroke 3.07 in. (78.0mm)
Number of Cylinders Four
Oil Pressure Idle  
Oil Pressure Normal 50 lb/in2 or 3.5kgf/cm2 (nominal)
Oil Pressure. Warning Light Goes out at 3 to 5 Lbs/in2 or 0.21 to 0.35 kgf / cm2
Ignition Type (Early models) Contact Breaker type AC Delco ignition, (Late model) Opus electronic ignition Lucas 47DE4
Fuel System Type (1975-1979) Dual Zentih Stromberg side draft carburetors, (1980-1981) Lucas electronic fuel injection
Fuel Pump Make/Type AC mechanically operated diaphragm type.
Fuel Tank Capacity 14.4 US gallons, 12.0 Imperial gallons, or 55.5 liters
Cooling System Capacity (2 valves) 16.0 pints with heater (7.7 litres)
Cooling System Capacity (4 valves) 16.9 US pints, 14.1 Imperial pints, or 8 liters with reservoir & heater
Sump Capacity (drain & refill with oil filter) 9.5 US pints, 8.0 Imperial pints, or 4.5 liters.
Sump Capacity (drain & refill with oil filter) 8.4 US pints, 7.0 Imperial pints, or 4.0 liters
Gearbox Capacity, 4-speed, from dry 2.4 US pints, 2.0 Imperial Pints, or 1.1 liters
Gearbox Capacity, 5-speed, from dry 3.3 US pints, 2.7 Imperial pints, or 1.5 liters
Gearbox Capacity, automatic, w/cooler 11.4 US pints, 9.5 Imperial pints, or 5.4 liters (all cars w/automatic trans had trans fluid coolers)

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