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Due to high volume, order processing will be delayed through May 31.

Due to high volume, order processing will be delayed through May 31.

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Vin Plate  
Vehicle Number Location top of LH wheel arch
Body Number Location RH firewall
Engine Number Location L/H side of cylinder block
Gearbox Number Location L/H side of housing
Rear Axle Number Location On hypoid housing flange
Engine Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Valve Rocker Clearance 0.010" cold
Idle Speed 800/850 rev/min
Static Ignition Timing 10 Deg B.T.D.C.
Dynamic Ignition Timing 4 Deg @ 800 + 100 r.p.m
Timing Mark Location timing cover
Distributor Make/Type Lucas
Contact Breaker (points) Gap .015in or .63mm
Rotation of Rotor Anticlockwise
Dwell Angle 34-38 Deg
Ignition Coil Make/Type Lucas 15c6 with ballast resistor wire in harness
Primary Resistance 1.30 to 1.45 ohms
Spark Plug Make/Type Champion N9Y
Spark Plug Gap .025in or .63mm
Carburetor Make/Type Twin Zenith-Stromberg175 CDSEVX
Carburetor Main Jet .100in or .254 cm
Carburetor Main Jet Needle B1AF
Carburetor Piston Spring Blue
Length 13ft 6 1/8in
Width 4ft 10in
Height Top up 4ft 2in top down 3ft 10in
Ground Clearance 6in
Track Front 4ft 2 1/4in
Track Rear 4ft 1 3/4in.
Wheelbase 7ft. 4in
Turning Circle 34ft
Toe-In 0 to 1/16
Unladen Weight 2438 lbs
Curb Weight 2624 lbs
Gross Weight 3042 lbs
Original Tire Size 185 SR15
Original Tire Pressure Front (Cold) 20 lb/in
Original Tire Pressure Rear (Cold) 24 lb/in
Replacement Tire Size  
Engine Type 6 cyl ohv
Engine Displacement 2498 cc
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Compresssion Ratio 7.75 : 1
Engine Bore 74.7 mm
Engine Stroke 95 mm
Number of Cylinders 6
Oil Pressure Idle  
Oil Pressure Normal 45-65 psi @ 2000 rpm
Ignition Type points
Fuel System Type  
Fuel Pump Make/Type AC mechanical
Fuel Tank Capacity 11.4 galls
Cooling System Capacity 13.2 pints
Sump Capacity 10.8 pints
Gearbox Capacity, non-overdrive 2.4 pints
Gearbox Capacity, overdrive 3.2 pints
Gearbox Capacity, automatic na

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