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Choosing a Robbins Convertible Top for Your Miata

Why a Robbins Convertible Top?

  • Since 1943 – Robbins has been building the best tops in the automotive aftermarket industry for over 70 years.
  • American Made – All products are still made in their factory in Southern California.
  • Innovation - With numerous patents for their designs and techniques Robbins has improved the factory designs to create the highest quality tops available.
  • Quality – With Gerber cutting technology and every seam double stitched and heat sealed you know you are getting a top that is not just the right shape and the right size but one that will last
  • Warranty - Up to a 6 year warranty

What Style Convertible Top?

You've got three convertible top styles to choose from for your Miata.

Factory StyleStreamlinePanorama

Vinyl or Canvas?

You've picked your style, great! Now it's time to consider the material for your top. Check out the highlights of each material listed below:




  • Haartz Cabrio grain vinyl
  • Same weight and grain as
    the factory top
  • Great value
  • Stayfast Canvas
  • Resists shrinking and fading
  • Easy to put up and down

What material to pick depends a lot on your needs and where you live. If you live in a colder climate the canvas could be a good choice because it’s easier to put up or down on cold morning. If you live in a warmer climate or just don’t put your top up that often vinyl might be a better choice.

What window should I get?

  • Plastic – Extra thick 40 gauge UV coated ultralite window.
  • Glass window – Tinted & tempered its hard to beat a real glass window.
  • Glass window with defroster – The ultimate window, great visibility & functionality.

What is the deal with the zippered windows?

Zippered windows are only available on the factory style tops because that's exactly how they came from Mazda with a zippered window that can be lowered while the top is still up. They are great if you want to have more fresh air in the cabin without putting the top down.

What's a rain rail?

Basically a rain rail is a gutter for your top. It directs the water that runs between the top and the body of the car to drain holes located behind the B pillar.

Ok that sounds important; can't I just re-use the one I already have?

Yes it is important and you might be able to re-use your rain rail, but most likely it is old and cracked and a new one is cheap insurance against future water damage. Plus when you order a top with a rain rail it comes already installed on the top, saving time and hassle if you are installing it yourself or saving you money if you are having a professional install the top.

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