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Meet Some of our Current Insiders:

"Hey Moss fans! My name is Alex Perrucci and I am a content creator from Atlanta, GA. I have been working on cars for over 15 years now and have owned my Miata for 7 of those years. Ever since getting my first car at 16 I wanted to learn as much as I could and do any work/maintenance on my own. Fast forward to now and I've worked at a body shop doing all sorts of cosmetic and structural repairs. On my personal cars I've done everything from suspension, engine swaps, clutch jobs, full paint jobs and so much more. Through my videos I try to share my knowledge I've gained over the years and show how anyone else can do the same things. When I'm not working on cars and making videos I enjoy skateboarding, snowboarding, traveling, and video games."

"An avid Miata lover for at least a decade, I've had NCs for 6 years and over 100,000 miles. I've road tripped them through 35 states and enjoyed every single mile. Beyond being a Miata evangelist, I have enjoyed being an automotive journalist, driving every car imaginable around the world, yet the Miata is my constant reminder of a proper driving machine. Photography and videography are hallmarks of my passion in capturing the role our vehicles play in our lives, and I love finding camaraderie with people who share in that enjoyment. You'll find me running Flywheel Films on YouTube, @Ghosty.Miata on Instagram, and hopefully traveling even more of the country very soon."