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How To Rebuild Your Miata's Shifter (NA or NB)


In this video Alex Perrucci demonstrates a Miata shifter rebuild on a 1999 NB 5 speed and explains the differences between NA and NB shifter rebuilds. Featured is Moss Miata's full shifter rebuild kit by Classic Gold, which comes with all of the bushings as well as a new rubber upper boot.

First get a cutting tool and cut those old pieces of rubber off and slide them off the shifter. You will then have a completely disassembled shifter.

Assemble the 3 prong metal washer/bushing. Drop the first bushing on, plastic side down. Next is the rubber plate. Use some lubricant to make it easier to slide on the shifter. On the NA there is another plastic bushing that the NB doesn't have.

Next, move over to the transmission. There is one more little washer and bushing that we need to change out in the turret hole. We have two pins, if you have a NA you'll only have one. Having two pins makes it difficult to get the metal washer and the bushing out. To do so we will need to push one of these pins out and then press it back in. We'll use a punch and a hammer to slide the pin back a little.

Now take the plastic bushing and line up the grooves with the one pin and push it into place.

Cover it up with a towel and use the biggest pair of channel lock pliers you can find to press the pin back in there. You're ready to drop your shifter back in. If you have an NA it will only go in one way. If you have a NB you'll look for a white dot on the shifter. The white dot faces forward. Line up the grooves and drop the shifter in. You can take a bit of grease and lubricate the bottom of the shifter before dropping it in. Replace the 10mm bolts.

Then take your new upper rubber insulator and drop it on top. It would probably be helpful to lubricate the shifter first. Then you bolt the insulator down and replace your center console.

See more videos from Alex on YouTube at /alexperrucci