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Vin Plate  
Vehicle Number Location  
Body Number Location  
Engine Number Location  
Gearbox Number Location  
Rear Axle Number Location  
Engine Firing Order
Valve Rocker Clearance Inlet .004, Exhaust .006
Idle Speed  
Static Ignition Timing 9:1 5 deg.BTDC, 8:1 6 deg. BTDC
Dynamic Ignition Timing  
Timing Mark Location  
Distributor Make/Type  
Contact Breaker (points) Gap .014 - .016
Rotation of Rotor  
Dwell Angle  
Ignition Coil Make/Type  
Primary Resistance  
Spark Plug Make/Type 8:1 Champion N.5, 7:1 Champion L.7
Spark Plug Gap .025"
Carburetor Make/Type 2 X SU HD6
Carburetor Main Jet  
Carburetor Main Jet Needle TL
Carburetor Piston Spring  
Length 14' 9"
Width 5' 4 1/2"
Height OTS 4' 6"
Ground Clearance  
Track Front  
Track Rear  
Turning Circle  
Toe-In Parallel to 1/8"
Unladen Weight  
Curb Weight  
Gross Weight  
Original Tire Size 6.00 X 16
Original Tire Pressure Front (Cold) 30 psi
Original Tire Pressure Rear (Cold) 35 psi
Replacement Tire Size  
Engine Type 6 cyl inline, Twin Overhead Camshaft
Engine Displacement  
Firing Order
Compresssion Ratio 8:1 or 7:1
Engine Bore  
Engine Stroke  
Number of Cylinders 6
Oil Pressure Idle  
Oil Pressure Normal 40 psi
Ignition Type Points
Fuel System Type  
Fuel Pump Make/Type SU Electric L.C.S
Fuel Tank Capacity 16 3/4 gal.
Cooling System Capacity  
Sump Capacity 15 1/2 pints
Gearbox Capacity, non-overdrive 3 pints
Gearbox Capacity, overdrive 4 3/4 pints
Gearbox Capacity, automatic 18 pints

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