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We are working through orders currently, but delays may occur. Please visit the Company Status page for details.

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How To Install a Miata I.L. Center Console


This Redesigned Center Console by I.L. Motorsport is super easy to install. This video by OMGMIATA will walk you through the installation from start to finish.

Console Removal:
We'll start with removing the old console. First, take off the center bolt under the ashtray. We aren't using OE hardware here, so you're probably using a Philips screwdriver to take these out. There is a bolt on each side of the console and two in the center console glove box. After you remove the two front bolts you'll remove the ones inside of the glove box. We will need to remove the shift knob. Then pull the center console assembly up in order to disconnect the window switches. Move the rubber boot around the handles and slide the console assembly forward. This reveals the switches down here. We will disconnect them one by one.

Console Prep:
Next we will need to take the old console apart so we can put the switches on the new console. There is a screw on either side of the window switches and 4 screws around the shift boot. Unscrew the switches, the shift boot and the lock assembly. It's optional to keep the lock. For an optimal fit you will need to trim the stock shift boot with scissors or a box cutter. Then remove the extra screws on the new console. You could use those screws provided or the OE. Fit the shift boot and screw it in. Give it a tug and make sure you are satisfied with its appearance. Place the window switch in the switch hole. You might need to trim some of the corners if it doesn't just drop in. Screw the switch in and make sure not to over tighten these. Flip it over and make sure it is solid with no movement. On the other end of the console is the spot to screw in the lock cylinder. Now it is time to add it to the car!

We are going to use new bolts for this: a M5 x 35mm for the back and a M5 x 20mm length cap for the sides. Open the console and slide it under the levers. Take the connectors and connect to the window switches. Make sure to get the left and right sides lined up correctly. Feel around and make sure that everything clears and that you are not crushing wires before you bolt anything in. Cycle the e-brake to make sure that clears. For the back we use rivet nuts. Use a longer bolt: a M5 x 40mm. Screw this in loose and then screw the front. Tighten the back ones after everything in the front is secured. You're all set!

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