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Order processing and Shipments are delayed until July 22nd. Please visit the Company Status page for details.

Order processing and Shipments are delayed until July 22nd. Please visit the Company Status page for details.

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HushMat Ultra II Hoodliner Kit

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HushMat Ultra II Hoodliner Kit is a pressure-sensitive, constrained-layer damper, which has excellent adhesion to many difficult to bond substrates such as oily cold rolled steel, automotive E-coat, primers, and even many plastics including polypropylene.

The aluminum foil constraining layer and specially formulated viscoelastic polymer layer combine to give effective vibration damping over a wide temperature range.

HushMat Ultra II Hoodliner is supplied in rectangular sheets and can be hand-cut for special configurations. The superior adhesive properties of HushMat Ultra II Hoodliner allow it to be used in horizontal, vertical or inverted applications. It has good conformability and can be applied on complex shapes.

Easy Installation...Extreme Performance!


  • HushMat Ultra II Hoodliner effectively treats low frequency, resonant noise from 0 to 1,000 Hz
  • Withstands ambient temperatures from -30 degrees up to +550 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Requires no surface cleaning / preparation or heat guns to install
  • No alcohol or acetone wash needed
  • No installation tools required
  • Trims with standard razor knife or household scissors
  • Six 12-inch x 23-inch pieces (11.46 sq. feet)
  • Self Adhesive peel and stick - no secondary glue required - adhesion guaranteed


HushMat Sound Deadening Cymbal Demonstration
HushMat Hoodliner Kit

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