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Re-Usable Auto Dehumidifier

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Get rid of musty odors and foggy windows with the easy-to-use Auto Dehumidifier! This innovative product absorbs excess moisture, greatly reducing relative humidity so that you can safely begin your daily commute in a fresh smelling car with a clear windshield.

Unlike the bulky inconvenient design of most dehumidifiers, this unbreakable pouch sports an elegant carbon-fiber design that is sure to add a modern vibe to your car. It is compact enough to be put on the front panel, in the console, in the glove compartment or anywhere that you please.

When the dehumidifier is saturated, the patented moisture indicator blue dot turns pink. To reuse, simply put it in the microwave for 6 minutes, and after cooling it should be as good as new! The specially formulated silica beads will not deteriorate after multiple drying cycles, and will not sweat or leak when fully packed with moisture eliminating the need for any drip trays, batteries or power source. Useful and stylish, this car accessory comes with 1 Year Limited Warranty.



  • Reusable and durable pouch with carbon fiber design
  • Patented moisture indicator blue dot turns pink when saturated
  • Leak and stain proof causing no damage to your car's interior
  • Tested kids and pets safe

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Product Name: Re-Usable Auto Dehumidifier