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Congratulations to all the following winners!

NA Category

Street/Track NA

by Mark Breederveld

Mark's NA features an added roll bar, clear windshield, and some killer photography angles.

NB Category

Hill-Climb NB

by James Bank

With clean lines and subtle details, James modeled his cut-out after a track or hill climb focused NB.

NC Category

Purple-Themed NC

by Symone Dolai

With a clear windshield, side windows, and a few mods she hopes to get in the near future,

Symone's very purple cut-out is modeled after her NC, Harllow.

ND Category

Green Carbon ND

by Morgan Engdahl

Using a creative backdrop to show off his creation, Morgan added a carbon fiber

look to the hood and truck of his green ND cut-out.

Thank you to everyone who participated!