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Mobile Task Light by Striker

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The Mobile Task Light is compact, lightweight (395grams / 0.87lbs), and of course is extremely durable. It features an aluminum head that is not only incredibly durable, but also acts as a fully functional heat sink. Unlike halogen shop lights, it is always cool to the touch. It is surrounded by a tempered steel exoskeleton, which has been drop tested extensively. The steel exoskeleton also acts as a stable base, or frame to hang the light. There is a universal tripod mount on the bottom of the Rover so users can elevate the light if necessary. It is powered by dual lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that boast 4000mAh ensuring you will have plenty of power, and long run times. Recharge by simply inserting the supplied USB cable into the plug on the back. If you need longer run times, the Mobile Task Light can be used while plugged in. Once aimed, cycle through the 4 modes (High, Low, Strobe and SOS ) until you find the one that is right for your needs at the time.


  • -1200 lumens
  • -Dual focus lens
  • -Dual Lithium-ion battery technology
  • -Steel ExoSkeleton
  • -Universal camera tripod mount
  • -4 light modes (high, low, SOS, strobe)

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