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Water Wetter Super Coolant, 12 oz

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WaterWetter is a unique additive for cooling systems. It works because it breaks down the tendency of water molecules to cling tightly to one another (surface tension). It has been formulated to be compatible with all commercial anti-freeze mixtures as well as the metals in your cooling system, including aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze. If you are running a mixture of water and ethylene or propylene glycol anti-freeze, adding Water Wetter will improve the rate of heat transfer. This means heat from the block and cylinder head will be picked up by the coolant more quickly, and the coolant will dump heat to the atmosphere through the radiator more quickly. Customers routinely report drops of 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your cooling system is marginal on a hot day, WaterWetter may give you the edge you need. For racing, anti-freeze is generally not used because pure water transfers heat better than an anti-freeze/water mix. By mixing WaterWetter with pure water, you improve the rate of heat transfer and you gain rust and corrosion protection that water alone cannot provide.

  • Reduces surface tension, making water "wetter"
  • Improves heat transfer
  • Reduces cylinder head temperatures
  • May allow more spark advance
  • Reduces rust, corrosion and electrolysis of all metals
  • Provides long term corrosion protection
  • Helps prevent foaming
  • Reduces cavitation corrosion
  • Reduce scale (if you have hard water)
  • 12 fl. oz

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Product Name: Water Wetter Super Coolant, 12 oz Brand: REDLINE Size: 12 fl. oz